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Have a Question?

How do subscriptions vs. test credits work? What is the difference between them?

  • A subscription gives you the ability to test an unlimited number of candidates with any number of different assessments over a specific time period for a flat rate. Subscriptions are available for a minimum of one year.
  • Test credits are flexible units that are used whenever a candidate takes a test. Each test can contain up to 200 questions from any of our subjects. Test credits are good for two years after purchase, and unused test credits roll over into the next year if you purchase more before they expire.

Whether you purchase a subscription or a test credit pack, you'll get access to all of our standard tests as well as all of our test subjects. You can also customize your tests to varying degrees, depending on the plan you purchase.

How quickly can I begin using the assessments after I buy an eSkill package?

The eSkill application is available immediately when you sign up for our services. There is no need for an administrator to oversee and monitor the software. Every new customer receives a training guide that contains all of the information you need to use the eSkill application.

How can I test the eSkill products before buying them?

We can give you an eSkill trial account that allows you to freely explore our subjects and experiment with our product features before purchasing. Youll be able to view, configure, and administer our tests.

The trial account allows you to access two test score results, and is valid for 48 hours. If you are satisfied with the quality of services we offer, you can upgrade to a full-service account by purchasing a subscription or a test credit pack at any time.