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New User Guide

We’ve just released a new quick reference User Guide on eSkill.

It covers the basics of using eSkill, as well as creating tests, viewing results, building reports, and customizing your account settings.

Click here to download it.

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Predefined Tests

These are off-the-shelf, single-subject tests with 40 questions each. Predefined tests offer a quick start solution for customers looking to test on the fundamentals of specific subjects. See the complete list of predefined tests available from eSkill.

Job-based Tests

Job-based tests are online assessments particularly designed to help assess candidates for specific job titles. Consisting of 40 questions each, these are off-the-shelf tests that combine a variety of job-related subjects, and evaluate the skills typically required for specific job positions. See the complete list of job based tests available to you.

New Subjects

We are continuously adding new subjects. Each subject is comprehensive in its content with as many as 50 to 200 questions to choose from. As an eSkill customer you have full access to our entire library of subjects. You can easily select individual questions and configure a single job targeted test to evaluate a candidate's skills across multiple subjects, levels of difficulty and question types. Here are our most recently released subjects:

Subject Name Category Update Type Update Date
MS Office 2016 - Access® (AUS/NZ) Microsoft Office® Software New 09/05/2017
C# 6.0 Application & Web Development New 08/21/2017
Adobe InDesign CC 2017 Desktop Publishing Software New 08/21/2017
Java Standard Edition 8 Application & Web Development New 08/02/2017
Subjects coming soon
Subject Name Estimated Release Date
Node.js 09/08/2017
Medical Billing (UB-04) 09/22/2017
Carpentry Skills 10/25/2017
Plumbing 10/27/2017

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