04/10/2018 - eSkill is pleased to announce several application improvements for you as a client, and for your test takers.

A new Results Center page was created to centralize all the results. The Results Center offers useful information such as test status, score, and applicant info. Filtering options make it much easier to find specific tests. The main menu was updated with two new items: Manage Tests (the actual Test Center) and Manage Results (the new Results Center).

A new All Results quick link on the Dashboard adds a summary to the Manage Results section.

In the Manage Tests section, the new Search button allows customers to search for any test by keyword. This feature saves you time by allowing you to type a test name that you’re looking for directly in the search field instead of scrolling down for it.

We’ve also made major improvements to our simulation tests. The Multitasking Simulation has a new more realistic interface, the MS Office 2016 - Excel Simulation has new questions added, and a new title was added to the modular subject library: MS Office 2016 - Word Simulation.

The new Multitasking Simulation interface. supports easier reading and execution. In addition, the new interactive tutorials focus on conveying clear instructions for the test takers. The newly updated MS Office 2016 - Excel Simulation has 10 new questions that test concepts such as Using Formulas, Charts, or Pivot Tables.

We now have MS Office 2016 - Word Simulation in our modular subject library, The subject features 16 simulation questions at varying challenge levels, with more question on the way.

Our Typing tests now feature active word highlighting as a visual placeholder for the test-taker, and a clearer reference text font. These should make typing scores even more realistic. Updated anti-cheating mechanisms help further ensure scores remain accurate.

Your feedback on any aspect of our product is always welcomed and appreciated.

Predefined Tests

These are off-the-shelf, single-subject tests with 40 questions each. Predefined tests offer a quick start solution for customers looking to test on the fundamentals of specific subjects. See the complete list of predefined tests available from eSkill.

Job-based Tests

Job-based tests are online assessments particularly designed to help assess candidates for specific job titles. Consisting of 40 questions each, these are off-the-shelf tests that combine a variety of job-related subjects, and evaluate the skills typically required for specific job positions. See the complete list of job based tests available to you.

New Subjects

We are continuously adding new subjects. Each subject is comprehensive in its content with as many as 50 to 200 questions to choose from. As an eSkill customer you have full access to our entire library of subjects. You can easily select individual questions and configure a single job targeted test to evaluate a candidate's skills across multiple subjects, levels of difficulty and question types. Here are our most recently released subjects:

Subject Name Category Update Type Update Date
MS Office 2016 - Excel® Simulation Microsoft Office® Software Updated 03/23/2018
MS Office 2016 - Word® Simulation Microsoft Office® Software New 03/23/2018
Life and Health Insurance (US) Accounting & Financial New 02/26/2018
Cybersecurity Awareness Abilities & Aptitudes New 02/26/2018
Subjects coming soon
Subject Name Estimated Release Date
English To Spanish Translation 04/20/2018
Spanish To English Translation 04/20/2018
Customer Service - Financial 04/20/2018
Carpentry Skills 05/14/2018

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